Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock

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The torrent has 77 files, total 284.0MB, created at Nov. 21, 2014.

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guitar hero iii legends of rock

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6. Hottest Band on Earth/01 Black Magic Woman.mp36.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/06 Through the Fire and the Flames.mp36.0MB

8. Battle for Your Soul/05 The Devil Went Down to Georgia (The Charlie Daniels Band cover).mp35.0MB

7. Live in Japan/04 Knights of Cydonia.mp35.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/10 Avalancha.mp35.0MB

1. Starting Out Small/04 Story of my Life.mp35.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/14 Down 'N Dirty.mp35.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/18 The Way it Ends.mp35.0MB

8. Battle for Your Soul/04 One.mp34.0MB

7. Live in Japan/05 Cult of Personality [Encore].mp34.0MB

4. European Invasion/05 Even Flow [Encore].mp34.0MB

8. Battle for Your Soul/03 The Number of the Beast.mp34.0MB

6. Hottest Band on Earth/03 Black Sunshine.mp34.0MB

7. Live in Japan/01 Before I Forget.mp34.0MB

5. Big House Blues/06 Welcome to the Jungle [Encore].mp34.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/23 Don't Hold Back.mp34.0MB

5. Big House Blues/01 Holiday in Cambodia.mp34.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/04 Hier Kommit Alex.mp34.0MB

3. Making the Video/02 Miss Murder.mp34.0MB

2. Your First Real Gig/04 Barracuda.mp34.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/01 Impulse.mp34.0MB

6. Hottest Band on Earth/02 Cherub Rock.mp34.0MB

8. Battle for Your Soul/01 Raining Blood.mp34.0MB

2. Your First Real Gig/03 Sunshine of Your Love.mp33.0MB

5. Big House Blues/02 Rock You Like a Hurricane.mp33.0MB

8. Battle for Your Soul/02 Cliffs of Dover.mp33.0MB

7. Live in Japan/02 Stricken.mp33.0MB

4. European Invasion/03 Kool Thing.mp33.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/13 My Curse.mp33.0MB

9. Co-Op Extra Tracks/04 Cities On Flame with Rock and Roll.mp33.0MB

9. Co-Op Extra Tracks/06 Matchbook Romance - Monsters.mp33.0MB

1. Starting Out Small/01 Slow Ride.mp33.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/07 F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X..mp33.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/21 In Love.mp33.0MB

5. Big House Blues/03 Same Old Song and Dance.mp33.0MB

5. Big House Blues/04 La Grange.mp33.0MB

2. Your First Real Gig/06 Bulls on Parade [Encore].mp33.0MB

5. Big House Blues/05 Guitar Battle vs. Slash.mp33.0MB

1. Starting Out Small/02 Talk Dirty to Me.mp33.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/24 She Bangs the Drums.mp33.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/26 Putting Holes in Happiness [Nick Zinner Remix].mp33.0MB

3. Making the Video/01 When You were Young.mp33.0MB

6. Hottest Band on Earth/05 Pride and Joy [Encore].mp33.0MB

9. Co-Op Extra Tracks/05 Helicopter.mp33.0MB

9. Co-Op Extra Tracks/03 Suck my Kiss.mp33.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/02 Minus Celsius.mp33.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/11 Take this Life.mp33.0MB

9. Co-Op Extra Tracks/02 Reptilia.mp33.0MB

7. Live in Japan/03 3's & 7's.mp33.0MB

4. European Invasion/02 Anarchy in the U.K..mp33.0MB

2. Your First Real Gig/02 School's Out.mp33.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/12 Ruby.mp33.0MB

4. European Invasion/04 My Name is Jonas.mp33.0MB

3. Making the Video/05 Paint it Black [Encore].mp33.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/20 Prayer of the Refugee.mp33.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/09 I'm in the Band.mp33.0MB

2. Your First Real Gig/05 Guitar Battle vs. Tom Morello.mp33.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/05 Nothing for me Here.mp33.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/22 Can't be Saved.mp32.0MB

3. Making the Video/03 The Seeker.mp32.0MB

3. Making the Video/04 Lay Down.mp32.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/15 Closer.mp32.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/28 Carcinogen Crush.mp32.0MB

9. Co-Op Extra Tracks/01 Sabotage.mp32.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/03 Go that Far.mp32.0MB

1. Starting Out Small/03 Hit Me with Your Best Shot.mp32.0MB

4. European Invasion/01 Paranoid.mp32.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/17 Mauvais Garcon.mp32.0MB

1. Starting Out Small/05 Rock and Roll all Nite [Encore].mp32.0MB

6. Hottest Band on Earth/04 The Metal.mp32.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/19 Generation Rock.mp32.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/16 Metal Heavy Lady.mp32.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/08 In the Belly of a Shark.mp32.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/27 Tina.mp32.0MB

2. Your First Real Gig/01 Mississippi Queen.mp32.0MB

10. Bonus Tracks/25 Radio Song.mp32.0MB

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