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The torrent has 43 files, total 189.0MB, created at Dec. 11, 2014.

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kirsty maccoll

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Electric Landlady/01 Walking Down Madison.mp37.0MB

The Very Best of/06 Fairy Tale of New York.mp36.0MB

Tropical Brainstorm/04 Here Comes That Man Again.mp35.0MB

Electric Landlady/05 My Affair.mp35.0MB

Electric Landlady/08 We'll Never Pass This Way Again.mp35.0MB

Electric Landlady/06 Lying Down.mp35.0MB

Electric Landlady/09 The Hardest Word.mp35.0MB

Tropical Brainstorm/01 Mambo De La Luna.mp35.0MB

Electric Landlady/11 My Way Home.mp35.0MB

Kite/01 Innocence.mp35.0MB

Kite/03 Mother's Ruin.mp35.0MB

Tropical Brainstorm/10 Us Amazonians.mp34.0MB

Tropical Brainstorm/05 Autumngirlsoup.mp34.0MB

Kite/05 No Victims.mp34.0MB

Tropical Brainstorm/08 NĂŁo Esperando.mp34.0MB

Tropical Brainstorm/11 Wrong Again.mp34.0MB

Tropical Brainstorm/03 Treachery.mp34.0MB

Kite/07 Don't Come The Cowboy With Me Son.mp34.0MB

Electric Landlady/03 Children of the Revolution.mp34.0MB

Electric Landlady/02 All I Ever Wanted.mp34.0MB

Tropical Brainstorm/13 Head.mp34.0MB

Electric Landlady/12 The One and Only.mp34.0MB

Electric Landlady/07 He Never Mentioned Love.mp34.0MB

Tropical Brainstorm/07 England 2 Columbia 0.mp34.0MB

Electric Landlady/04 Halloween.mp34.0MB

Galore_ The Best of Kirsty MacColl/03 There's A Guy Works Down The Chip.mp34.0MB

Kite/15 Complainte Pour Ste. Catherine.mp34.0MB

Kite/08 Tread Lightly.mp34.0MB

Kite/11 The End Of A Perfect Day.mp34.0MB

Kite/14 La ForĂŞt De Mimosas.mp33.0MB

Galore_ The Best of Kirsty MacColl/17 Caroline.mp33.0MB

Tropical Brainstorm/06 Celestine.mp33.0MB

Tropical Brainstorm/02 In These Shoes_.mp33.0MB

Kite/04 Days.mp33.0MB

Kite/06 Fifteen Minutes.mp33.0MB

Kite/13 You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Ba.mp33.0MB

Kite/02 Free World.mp33.0MB

Kite/10 Dancing In Limbo.mp33.0MB

Kite/09 What Do Pretty Girls Do_.mp33.0MB

Kite/12 You And Me Baby.mp32.0MB

Tropical Brainstorm/12 Designer Life.mp32.0MB

Tropical Brainstorm/09 Alegria.mp32.0MB

Electric Landlady/10 Maybe It's Imaginary.mp32.0MB

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