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lynda - income tax fundamentals

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016 Joint Form 1040A to tax payment or tax refund.mp463.0MB

011 Examples of individual and business tax breaks.mp463.0MB

007 Average and marginal tax rates.mp462.0MB

034 Keep good records, don`t hide income, and deduct only reasonable business expenses.mp456.0MB

015 Joint Form 1040A Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).mp453.0MB

032 Common tax evasion schemes - Claiming personal expenses, paying above-market wages, and classifying workers incorrectly.mp451.0MB

038 Review.mp451.0MB

023 Strategy one - Shift income from one time period to another.mp447.0MB

009 Ordinary income and capital gains income.mp446.0MB

008 Tax deductions and tax credits.mp444.0MB

028 General corporate income tax issues.mp443.0MB

031 Common tax evasion schemes - Refusing to file, understating income, and hiding income 'offshore'.mp437.0MB

013 Income taxes and public policy.mp437.0MB

035 Employee vs. contractor, business structure, and tax advisors.mp435.0MB

012 The biggest tax loopholes in the US tax code.mp434.0MB

029 Multinational corporate income tax issues.mp433.0MB

024 Strategy two - Shift income from one pocket to another.mp432.0MB

018 Single Form 1040A Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).mp427.0MB

004 How many sets of books does a large company keep.mp427.0MB

027 Business structures.mp426.0MB

006 Tax brackets.mp426.0MB

026 How large are corporate income taxes.mp424.0MB

025 Strategy three - Change the character of the income.mp424.0MB

021 Tesla and tax planning.mp424.0MB

003 Different kinds of taxes.mp423.0MB

002 The history of income taxes.mp423.0MB

030 US income tax on income from foreign countries.mp423.0MB

019 Single Form 1040A tax payment or tax refund.mp422.0MB

014 Della and Dee Stice doing people`s taxes.mp422.0MB

001 Welcome.mp420.0MB

036 Is your goal to minimize your income taxes.mp420.0MB

020 Online tax returns.mp420.0MB

017 Itemized deductions.mp420.0MB

037 Taxes can be complex, but you have the basic tools.mp419.0MB

010 Who gets tax breaks.mp419.0MB

022 What is tax planning.mp418.0MB

039 Concluding income tax advice.mp418.0MB

033 Tax issues for small businesses.mp416.0MB

005 'Taxman' by the Beatles.mp414.0MB

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