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The torrent has 39 files, total 92.0MB, created at Dec. 13, 2014.

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kola kid

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Unreleased/03. Cuties.mp37.0MB

Unreleased/02. Can't hide your love.mp37.0MB

Unreleased, old and crappy tracks vol.1/03.dark room.mp35.0MB

Cash Machine Go!/Kola Kid - pizza power.mp34.0MB

Radio/Kola Kid - radio 04.mp34.0MB

Unreleased, old and crappy tracks vol.1/05.radio 03 (mixed by Michael Bail).mp34.0MB

Unreleased/01. Ataris without 's'.mp34.0MB


Radio/Kola Kid - radio 05.mp33.0MB

Unreleased, old and crappy tracks vol.1/06.spy movie.mp33.0MB

Radio/Kola Kid - radio 03.mp33.0MB

Cash Machine Go!/Kola Kid - cash machine go!.mp32.0MB

Contra88 EP/kola kid - 04 - cuties.mp32.0MB

Cash Machine Go!/Kola Kid - timer.mp32.0MB

Unreleased, old and crappy tracks vol.1/07.the libertines.mp32.0MB

(9 013 248 bytes)/Kola Kid - summer is my only friend.mp32.0MB

Unreleased/Kola Kid - cash machine go! (remastered).mp32.0MB

Unreleased/Kola Kid - cutie.mp32.0MB

Contra88 EP/kola kid - 02 - contra88.mp32.0MB

(9 013 248 bytes)/Kola Kid - everything is ok when u drunk.mp32.0MB

(9 013 248 bytes)/Kola Kid - once upon a time punk-rock was real.mp31.0MB

Radio/Kola Kid - radio 02.mp31.0MB

Unreleased, old and crappy tracks vol.1/01.BiTL from demoscene.ru is gay.mp31.0MB

Unreleased/Kola Kid - contra88.mp31.0MB

Unreleased, old and crappy tracks vol.1/02.castle.mp31.0MB

Unreleased, old and crappy tracks vol.1/04.frog song.mp31.0MB

Contra88 EP/kola kid - 05 - theearthiscountingonyou.mp31.0MB

(9 013 248 bytes)/Kola Kid - stage 2.mp31.0MB

Radio/Kola Kid - radio 01.mp31.0MB

Cash Machine Go!/Kola Kid - 2punk2suck.mp31.0MB

(9 013 248 bytes)/Kola Kid - night.mp3939.0KB

Contra88 EP/kola kid - 03 - seashells.mp3910.0KB

Contra88 EP/kola kid - 01 - brokenlegs.mp3906.0KB

Unreleased/Kola Kid - broken legs.mp3693.0KB

Cash Machine Go!/Kola Kid - press start.mp3675.0KB

Kola Kid logo 2.jpg17.0KB

Cash Machine Go!/Thumbs.db6.0KB

Kola Kid logo.jpg5.0KB


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