The First 48

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The torrent has 111 files, total 39.0GB, created at Feb. 28, 2015.

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the first 48

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009 Desert Bones, Party's Over.avi599.0MB

003 Overkill, Left For Dead.avi569.0MB

005 Double Murder on Haskell, Back Alley Revenge.avi505.0MB

001 Body In the Park, Ruby Street Shooting.avi479.0MB

004 Blood In the Snow, Swope Park Killing.avi444.0MB

043 The Witness, The Trunk.avi444.0MB

016 A Serial Killer Calls.avi444.0MB

040 Loved to Death, Unmasked.avi444.0MB

014 Murder on the Interstate, House of Santeria.avi444.0MB

041 Inner Demons, Kids With Guns.avi444.0MB

024 Deadly Attraction.avi444.0MB

The First 48 Special - Miami City Vice.avi443.0MB

046 The Run Around, Night Cap.avi440.0MB

008 Fire In the Rain, Family Feud.avi440.0MB

026 Fallen, Texas Burning.avi440.0MB

007 On Ice, Body In the Canal.avi420.0MB

010 At Death's Door, Wrong Side of the Tracks.avi420.0MB

011 Stripper's Revenge, Dead on Arrival.avi400.0MB

137 In Broad Daylight, Fight Club.avi397.0MB

Update - Blackout.avi395.0MB

131 Last Wish.avi368.0MB

Update - Bail Out.avi365.0MB

013 Silent Witness, Halley Street Slayings.avi351.0MB

157 Schoolyard Revenge.avi350.0MB

092 Dead Sleep, Tag Team.avi350.0MB

Update - Disappeared, Red Handed.avi350.0MB

078 Friend or Foe, Code of Silence.avi350.0MB

146 Body of Evidence.avi350.0MB

072 Blindsided.avi350.0MB

154 The Stranger, Prince of Darkness.avi350.0MB

143 Blind Rage, Those Closest To Us.avi350.0MB

002 Gangs of Little Havana, Execution In Coconut Grove.avi350.0MB

012 At Close Range, Murder In Motor City.avi350.0MB

021 Twisted Honor, Vultures.avi350.0MB

022 Silence In the Grove, Show Stopper.avi350.0MB

028 House of Blood, Last Man Standing.avi350.0MB

Update - Letters of Intent, Family Friend.avi349.0MB

006 Killing Spree.avi349.0MB

151 Hale Storm.avi349.0MB

102 Ashes And Snow.avi349.0MB

155 Mixed Up, Blind Alley.avi349.0MB

Update - Burden of Proof, Last Ride.avi349.0MB

Update - Innocent Lost.avi349.0MB

103 Bail Out, Seeing Red.avi349.0MB

054 Broken Alibis, A Good Woman.avi349.0MB

Update - Bait And Switch.avi349.0MB

083 Shooting Spree, Lady In the Fire.avi349.0MB

064 Stray Bullet, Payback.avi349.0MB

053 Family Secrets, Clipped.avi349.0MB

082 Double Life.avi349.0MB

073 Missing Witness, Who's Knocking.avi349.0MB

135 Road Hazard, Cold.avi349.0MB

042 Boogey man, Murder on Flowering Peach.avi349.0MB

150 Alias, Duel.avi349.0MB

050 Candy Lady, Best of Friends.avi349.0MB

167 Silent Rage, Tainted Love.avi349.0MB

160 Deadly Gamble, Inside Job.avi349.0MB

077 Floated Away, Tagged.avi349.0MB

144 Cut Down, 9-1-1.avi349.0MB

Update - Last Fare.avi349.0MB

163 Critical Condition, Love thy Neighbor.avi349.0MB

141 Torn, Gun Crazy.avi349.0MB

Update - Gunplay, No-Tell Motel.avi349.0MB

140 Johnny Black, Stranger Than Fiction.avi349.0MB

049 The Wrong Man, Five Points Payback.avi349.0MB

069 Last Dance, Deadly Deal.avi349.0MB

169 Carjacked, Roll of the Dice.avi349.0MB

172 Off the Tracks.avi349.0MB

128 Live Bait, Drama at the Classic.avi349.0MB

153 In Harm's Way, Jealous Rage.avi349.0MB

148 Eye for an Eye, Dead End.avi349.0MB

080 About Face, Backyard Murder.avi349.0MB

159 John Doe, Night of the Dead.avi349.0MB

149 Straight Menace.avi349.0MB

075 Bicycle Bandits, First Shot.avi349.0MB

139 Caught Up.avi349.0MB

138 Ditched.avi349.0MB

076 Last Birthday.avi349.0MB

121 Crashing the Gate, 6000 Motives.avi349.0MB

164 Bad Connection, Heartbreak.avi349.0MB

108 Last Night Out, Death Do Us Part.avi349.0MB

107 Last Fare.avi349.0MB

123 Gone.avi349.0MB

101 Dropped Call, Derailed.avi349.0MB

145 Twist of Fate.avi349.0MB

084 Bad Call, Ricochet.avi349.0MB

The First 48 Forensic Evidence - Overkill, Deadly Rendezvous.avi349.0MB

087 Motel No-Tell, Brotherly Love.avi349.0MB

165 Life Snatched.avi349.0MB

170 Marked For Death.avi349.0MB

161 Underworld.avi349.0MB

147 Smoke Screen, The Last Goodbye.avi349.0MB

Update - Ashes And Snow, Backyard Murder.avi349.0MB

136 10 Pounds.avi349.0MB

061 Fatal Pickup, Bad Neighbor.avi349.0MB

126 Devil Inside, Rattlesnake.avi349.0MB

068 Silenced.avi349.0MB

100 Shell Shocked, Cradle to Grave.avi349.0MB

086 Misled, Somebody's Daddy.avi349.0MB

129 Out of Sight, Missing Piece.avi349.0MB

134 Cold As Ice.avi349.0MB

133 Signs of Violence, Live by the gun.avi349.0MB

166 The Good Son, Jacked Up.avi349.0MB

112 Lester Street.avi349.0MB

158 Girl Fight, Blink of an Eye.avi349.0MB

171 Winter Games.avi349.0MB

174 One of Ours.avi348.0MB

162 No Escape, Trail of Evidence.avi348.0MB

156 Division, Loose Ends.avi348.0MB

152 Lost Highway, Out For Murda.avi348.0MB

142 Heart of Gold, Last Breath.avi335.0MB

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