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The torrent has 218 files, total 527.0MB, created at Dec. 10, 2014.

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okami original soundtrack

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Disk 4/25 The Emperor of Eternal Darkness.mp312.0MB

Disk 1/22 Spirit Extermination.mp310.0MB

Disk 2/17 Ushiwaka's Dance ~ Playing with Ushiwaka.mp310.0MB

Disk 2/47 Red Helmet's Extermination.mp39.0MB

Disk 4/28 The Sun Rises.mp38.0MB

Disk 4/26 'Reset' ~'Thank You' Version~.mp38.0MB

Disk 4/14 Twin Devils Moshirechik and Kotanechik's Extermination.mp37.0MB

Disk 4/11 Ezo Fuji Irwak Shrine.mp36.0MB

Disk 4/31 'Reset'.mp36.0MB

Disk 3/14 Yamato-no-Orochi's Extermination II.mp36.0MB

Disk 3/09 Yamato-no-Orochi's Extermination I.mp36.0MB

Disk 1/48 Shinshuu Plains II.mp35.0MB

Disk 2/36 Kusanagi Village II.mp35.0MB

Disk 2/29 Geisha Spider's Extermination.mp35.0MB

Disk 1/35 Cursed Shinshuu Plains II.mp35.0MB

Disk 4/02 Demon Lord Nine-Tail's Extermination.mp35.0MB

Disk 1/36 Cursed Hanasaki Valley.mp35.0MB

Disk 5/27 Okami Image Song Prototype III.mp35.0MB

Disk 5/24 Tokyo Game Show 2005 Promotion.mp35.0MB

Disk 2/12 Agata Forest.mp35.0MB

Disk 4/01 Oni Island.mp35.0MB

Disk 1/10 Izanagi Cavern.mp35.0MB

Disk 1/59 Harami Lake.mp35.0MB

Disk 5/26 Okami Image Song Prototype II.mp35.0MB

Disk 1/47 Shinshuu Plains I.mp34.0MB

Disk 5/23 E3 2005 Promotion.mp34.0MB

Disk 3/21 Ryoshima Plains II.mp34.0MB

Disk 2/19 Tsutamaki Ruins.mp34.0MB

Disk 2/09 Princess Sakuya's Theme.mp34.0MB

Disk 5/22 Tokyo Game Show 2004 Promotion.mp34.0MB

Disk 3/29 Seiankyou Commoners' Quarter II.mp34.0MB

Disk 1/34 Cursed Shinshuu Plains I.mp34.0MB

Disk 4/05 Northern Country Kamui II.mp34.0MB

Disk 5/29 Uepeker Prototype Version II.mp34.0MB

Disk 3/20 Ryoshima Plains I.mp34.0MB

Disk 4/07 Uepeker II.mp34.0MB

Disk 3/41 Shachimaru's Theme.mp34.0MB

Disk 3/27 Seiankyou Nobles' Quarter II.mp34.0MB

Disk 4/20 The Tribe of Heavenly Gods' Theme.mp34.0MB

Disk 2/35 Kusanagi Village I.mp34.0MB

Disk 3/48 Inside the Water Dragon.mp34.0MB

Disk 4/16 Promise.mp34.0MB

Disk 1/31 Susano-o's Training.mp33.0MB

Disk 3/01 Doomed.mp33.0MB

Disk 5/21 Clover Studio Establishment Announcement Meeting.mp33.0MB

Disk 1/45 Cursed Place.mp33.0MB

Disk 3/07 Izayoi Shrine.mp33.0MB

Disk 1/25 Kamiki Village II.mp33.0MB

Disk 5/25 Okami Image Song Prototype I.mp33.0MB

Disk 4/27 Okami White Light Majesty.mp33.0MB

Disk 3/47 Dragon Palace.mp33.0MB

Disk 2/44 There's Something About Kokari.mp33.0MB

Disk 2/01 Cherry Blossom Storm.mp33.0MB

Disk 4/10 Kamiki Village's Sorrowful Custom.mp33.0MB

Disk 2/34 Thank Goodness for Kokari.mp33.0MB

Disk 2/45 Battle with Tatami Head.mp33.0MB

Disk 3/22 Cursed Seiankyou.mp33.0MB

Disk 5/28 Uepeker Prototype Version I.mp33.0MB

Disk 3/05 Giving Kushinada a Ride.mp33.0MB

Disk 2/24 A Great Spirit Lies in Wait.mp33.0MB

Disk 3/37 Kaguya's Journey.mp33.0MB

Disk 4/04 Northern Country Kamui I.mp33.0MB

Disk 2/37 The Eight Dog Warriors' Theme.mp33.0MB

Disk 3/44 Miraculous Spring.mp33.0MB

Disk 3/02 Bone Arrowhead of the Hama Arrow.mp33.0MB

Disk 3/28 Seiankyou Commoners' Quarter I.mp33.0MB

Disk 4/06 Uepeker I.mp33.0MB

Disk 5/30 Look Forward to the Next One.mp33.0MB

Disk 1/06 Yamato-no-Orochi's Revival.mp33.0MB

Disk 2/27 Geisha Spider's Appearance.mp33.0MB

Disk 1/44 Hanasaki Valley.mp33.0MB

Disk 2/38 Terror! Old Man and Granny Tongue-Cutter.mp33.0MB

Disk 3/40 Queen Himiko's Sorrow.mp33.0MB

Disk 2/03 At Last the Time Has Come.mp32.0MB

Disk 2/15 Ushiwaka's Appearance.mp32.0MB

Disk 3/24 Tsuzurao's Theme.mp32.0MB

Disk 3/03 To Believe In.mp32.0MB

Disk 4/03 Okikurmi's Theme.mp32.0MB

Disk 4/13 Okikurmi the Hero.mp32.0MB

Disk 1/29 Giving Susano-o a Ride.mp32.0MB

Disk 3/26 Seiankyou Nobles' Quarter I.mp32.0MB

Disk 3/45 Helping with the Fishing.mp32.0MB

Disk 3/35 Kaguya's Theme II.mp32.0MB

Disk 1/18 Mysterious Disappearance.mp32.0MB

Disk 2/48 Anger Towards God.mp32.0MB

Disk 3/23 More Digging Here Bow-Wow.mp32.0MB

Disk 1/24 Kamiki Village I.mp32.0MB

Disk 2/43 Mysterious Power.mp32.0MB

Disk 4/29 The Journey Continues.mp32.0MB

Disk 3/13 True Susano-o.mp32.0MB

Disk 3/18 Two People Gazing at Each Other.mp32.0MB

Disk 1/50 Kozuka Onigirisai.mp32.0MB

Disk 1/51 Tamaya's Theme.mp32.0MB

Disk 4/08 Okikurmi's Fate.mp32.0MB

Disk 3/38 Queen Himiko's Shrine.mp32.0MB

Disk 2/41 Boss of the Sparrow Union.mp32.0MB

Disk 1/28 Practice-ditching Susano-o.mp32.0MB

Disk 2/18 Granny Bokusen's Theme.mp32.0MB

Disk 3/12 The Words of a Blood Oath.mp32.0MB

Disk 1/30 Taking the Bait.mp32.0MB

Disk 3/16 The Seventh Seal.mp32.0MB

Disk 3/19 Kamiki Festival.mp32.0MB

Disk 3/39 In the Mosquito's Net.mp32.0MB

Disk 4/18 A Resolute Person.mp32.0MB

Disk 1/41 Susano-o's Fight.mp32.0MB

Disk 1/53 Shinto Priest Mikazuki's Theme.mp32.0MB

Disk 2/16 Confronting Ushiwaka.mp32.0MB

Disk 2/07 True Kagura.mp32.0MB

Disk 1/32 Impatient Susano-o.mp32.0MB

Disk 3/25 The Insane Water Dragon.mp31.0MB

Disk 2/23 Save II.mp31.0MB

Disk 4/12 True Strength.mp31.0MB

Disk 4/21 An Eerie Winter's Eclipse.mp31.0MB

Disk 1/57 Competition with Idaten.mp31.0MB

Disk 4/17 Time of Parting.mp31.0MB

Disk 1/08 Oira's Theme.mp31.0MB

Disk 4/22 The Setting Sun.mp31.0MB

Disk 2/20 Question and Answer Wall.mp31.0MB

Disk 1/01 Title.mp31.0MB

Disk 4/24 People of the Moon's Theme.mp31.0MB

Disk 1/05 Sinister Design.mp31.0MB

Disk 3/04 Kushinada's Determination.mp31.0MB

Disk 4/09 Shakuya's Theme.mp31.0MB

Disk 1/20 Old Man Orange's Appearance.mp31.0MB

Disk 3/15 The Time Has Come.mp31.0MB

Disk 1/04 Prologue.mp31.0MB

Disk 3/34 Kaguya's Theme I.mp31.0MB

Disk 2/42 Sparrow's Inn.mp31.0MB

Disk 1/21 A Monster's Presence.mp31.0MB

Disk 4/23 Ushiwaka's Fate.mp31.0MB

Disk 1/11 Looking Up at the Starry Sky.mp31.0MB

Disk 3/43 We'll Always Be Together!.mp31.0MB

Disk 2/10 True Sakuya First Half.mp31.0MB

Disk 1/49 Dojo Entrance.mp31.0MB

Disk 2/33 Waterfall.mp31.0MB

Disk 1/55 Scoundrel's Punishment.mp31.0MB

Disk 1/12 Constellation (Dragon Sketch).mp31.0MB

Disk 1/09 Curse.mp31.0MB

Disk 5/20 In-House Presentation Type B.mp31.0MB

Disk 1/15 Talking with the Painting God.mp31.0MB

Disk 2/28 Geisha Spider's Rage.mp31.0MB

Disk 2/40 ChunJack's Theme.mp31.0MB

Disk 2/39 Old Man and Granny Tongue-Cutter's House.mp31.0MB

Disk 1/37 Demon's Banquet.mp31.0MB

Disk 1/26 Digging Here Bow-Wow.mp31.0MB

Disk 1/46 Descent of the Great Goddess.mp31.0MB

Disk 3/49 Escape from Inside the Water Dragon.mp31.0MB

Disk 1/38 Nemuri's Theme.mp31.0MB

Disk 1/40 Eager Susano-o Second Half.mp31.0MB

Disk 5/19 In-House Presentation Type A.mp31.0MB

Disk 1/16 Painting Piece.mp31.0MB

Disk 3/10 Kushinada's Crisis.mp31.0MB

Disk 3/30 An Errand.mp31.0MB

Disk 4/30 To Tamagahara.mp3938.0KB

Disk 4/15 The Twin Devils' Sorcery.mp3935.0KB

Disk 1/39 Eager Susano-o First Half.mp3844.0KB

Disk 2/22 Save I.mp3836.0KB

Disk 3/31 Fun Picture Sketching.mp3787.0KB

Disk 1/07 The Great Goddess Amaterasu's Revival.mp3727.0KB

Disk 3/08 Yamato-no-Orochi's Appearance.mp3694.0KB

Disk 2/05 Dangerous Old Man Orange.mp3677.0KB

Disk 1/19 Kamiki Village's Restoration.mp3662.0KB

Disk 2/21 A Spring Reborn.mp3635.0KB

Disk 1/43 Hanasaki Valley's Restoration.mp3609.0KB

Disk 3/11 Susano-o's Appearance.mp3607.0KB

Disk 3/46 Playing with Issun.mp3592.0KB

Disk 3/17 Seven Spirited Lives.mp3584.0KB

Disk 2/02 Old Man Orange's Flower Dance.mp3542.0KB

Disk 2/46 Making Mochi with the Archery God.mp3494.0KB

Disk 1/42 Blocking Bud Restoration.mp3488.0KB

Disk 1/52 Tamaya's Dance.mp3410.0KB

Disk 4/19 Ushiwaka's Last Dance.mp3376.0KB

Disk 5/15 Death.mp3349.0KB

Disk 2/14 Ushiwaka's Theme.mp3347.0KB

Disk 1/14 Painting God Appearance.mp3337.0KB

Disk 2/11 True Sakuya Second Half.mp3306.0KB

Disk 1/17 Dragon Sketch Success.mp3291.0KB

Disk 3/32 Camellia Kagura.mp3288.0KB

Disk 2/31 Victory Cry.mp3277.0KB

Disk 5/09 Godly Purification III.mp3277.0KB

Disk 5/13 Super Big Success.mp3276.0KB

Disk 4/32 The End.mp3267.0KB

Disk 1/03 The Beginning.mp3254.0KB

Disk 5/07 Godly Purification I.mp3234.0KB

Disk 5/08 Godly Purification II.mp3231.0KB

Disk 3/33 Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom.mp3231.0KB

Disk 1/02 Title Call.mp3230.0KB

Disk 1/33 Slicing the Huge Rock Success.mp3216.0KB

Disk 5/12 Big Success.mp3214.0KB

Disk 5/05 Treasure Acquisition.mp3210.0KB

Disk 2/26 Close Call for Amaterasu!.mp3202.0KB

Disk 3/36 Launching Iron Bamboo Shoots.mp3200.0KB

Disk 2/06 Old Man Orange Preparations Complete.mp3191.0KB

Disk 2/13 Sound of a Flute.mp3180.0KB

Disk 3/06 Ushiwaka Dance.mp3175.0KB

Disk 5/04 Finding a Treasure Box.mp3175.0KB

Disk 2/30 Hopeless!.mp3173.0KB

Disk 5/14 Miracle.mp3166.0KB

Disk 1/13 Constellation Complete.mp3159.0KB

Disk 1/23 Battle Assessment (God).mp3159.0KB

Disk 1/58 Competition with Idaten Victory.mp3150.0KB

Disk 2/04 The Orange Became Big.mp3150.0KB

Disk 5/02 Item Acquisition.mp3150.0KB

Disk 5/03 Handing Over an Item.mp3149.0KB

Disk 1/27 An Oddly-Shaped Radish.mp3147.0KB

Disk 2/32 Boss Battle Clear.mp3146.0KB

Disk 1/54 Scoundrel Appearance.mp3145.0KB

Disk 5/06 Level Up.mp3131.0KB

Disk 2/25 How Odd.mp3128.0KB

Disk 5/11 Medium Success.mp3126.0KB

Disk 5/01 Clover Demo.mp3120.0KB

Disk 5/17 Nursery Rhyme II.mp3116.0KB

Disk 5/10 Small Success.mp3115.0KB

Disk 5/18 Nursery Rhyme III.mp3114.0KB

Disk 1/56 Competition with Idaten Start.mp3110.0KB

Disk 2/08 Absolutely Not.mp3102.0KB

Disk 5/16 Nursery Rhyme I.mp399.0KB

Disk 3/42 Slipped.mp379.0KB

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