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The torrent has 70 files, total 265.0MB, created at Dec. 22, 2014.

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Give'er/10 - Ashtray.mp38.0MB

Lotion/06 - Four Leaf Clover.mp37.0MB

Lotion/02 - Stale Wish (Blown Speedo).mp36.0MB

Lotion/07 - Untouchable.mp35.0MB

Slow Fade/06 - This Forced Hour.mp35.0MB

There's a Story to this Moral/10 - The Hardest Things to See Are.mp35.0MB

Lotion/08 - My Fate.mp35.0MB

Slow Fade/09 - It's Not That I Don't Want to.mp35.0MB

Lotion/05 - Unwind.mp35.0MB

Give'er/03 - Free Loader.mp35.0MB

Lotion/04 - Fallin' Down.mp35.0MB

Slow Fade/11 - Momentary Relapse.mp35.0MB

There's a Story to this Moral/06 - Fallout Leader.mp35.0MB

Slow Fade/12 - Slow Fade.mp34.0MB

There's a Story to this Moral/07 - Record Stop.mp34.0MB

Lotion/01 - Seen A Lota.mp34.0MB

Slow Fade/03 - Trace Rewind.mp34.0MB

Lotion/10 - Pumpernickel.mp34.0MB

Give'er/09 - Numbers.mp34.0MB

There's a Story to this Moral/01 - Far from True.mp34.0MB

Slow Fade/07 For Good Reason.mp34.0MB

Lotion/11 - Offended.mp34.0MB

Lotion/12 - Just What I Needed.mp34.0MB

Give'er/07 - Nothing.mp34.0MB

Slow Fade/08 - Miss This Distance.mp34.0MB

Lotion/09 - On The Inside.mp34.0MB

There's a Story to this Moral/08 - Framed in Poor Light.mp34.0MB

Slow Fade/01 - Breathing Won't Come Easy.mp33.0MB

Lotion/03 - Mind.mp33.0MB

There's a Story to this Moral/04 - Signing Off.mp33.0MB

Give'er/04 - Breakdown.mp33.0MB

Give'er/02 - Cold.mp33.0MB

Give'er/06 - Be My Friend.mp33.0MB

There's a Story to this Moral/02 - Concrete Timeline.mp33.0MB

Slow Fade/02 - Until Next Tide.mp33.0MB

Needless to Say/12 - Nothing.mp33.0MB

Needless to Say/04 - Less Than Nothing.mp33.0MB

Give'er/01 - Doin' Fine.mp33.0MB

Needless to Say/08 - Filter.mp33.0MB

Give'er/08 - Next In Line.mp33.0MB


There's a Story to this Moral/09 - Fourteen Days.mp33.0MB

Slow Fade/04 - Static Remains.mp33.0MB

Single/Doesn't Really Matter.mp33.0MB

Forword/More than one Opponent.mp33.0MB

Across the Water/02 - fourteen days.mp33.0MB

Needless to Say/13 - Up 'Til Now.mp33.0MB

Needless to Say/09 - Doin Fine.mp32.0MB

Needless to Say/10 - Six Inch Coiler On White.mp32.0MB

Needless to Say/02 - In Reach.mp32.0MB


Needless to Say/01 - Drain.mp32.0MB

Across the Water/01 - with every word.mp32.0MB

There's a Story to this Moral/03 - Every Word.mp32.0MB

Needless to Say/03 - This Side.mp32.0MB

Forword/Numb Phase.mp32.0MB

Forword/I`ve Told Myself a Thousand Time.mp32.0MB

Forword/Perfect, Plastic.mp32.0MB

Forword/It's Gone too Far.mp32.0MB


Needless to Say/11 - Bent On Profit.mp32.0MB

There's a Story to this Moral/05 - Forget to Learn.mp32.0MB

Needless to Say/05 - Wasted.mp32.0MB

Needless to Say/06 - Turd Farmer.mp32.0MB

Forword/Not the Answer.mp32.0MB

Slow Fade/05 - Interlude.mp32.0MB

Needless to Say/07 - Lost Cause.mp32.0MB

Across the Water/03 - blackmarker.mp31.0MB

Slow Fade/10 - Tone Def Conversations.mp31.0MB

Forword/One Less Thing at a Time.mp31.0MB

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