Dolly Parton - Dolly [Box Set] (2009)

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dolly parton - dolly 2009 box set

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Disc 3/14. You Are.mp312.0MB

Disc 3/13. Light of a Clear Blue Morning.mp311.0MB

Disc 4/12. What A Heartache.mp310.0MB

Disc 4/18. He's Alive.mp310.0MB

Disc 4/11. God Won't Get You.mp39.0MB

Disc 4/08. Islands in The Stream.mp39.0MB

Disc 4/06. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind.mp39.0MB

Disc 3/25. Starting Over Again.mp39.0MB

Disc 4/16. Yellow Roses.mp39.0MB

Disc 4/21. Silver And Gold.mp38.0MB

Disc 4/09. Save The Last Dance For Me.mp38.0MB

Disc 2/02. Down From Dover.mp38.0MB

Disc 4/04. Single Women.mp38.0MB

Disc 4/07. Potential New Boyfriend.mp38.0MB

Disc 4/22. Romeo.mp38.0MB

Disc 3/20. Heartbreaker.mp38.0MB

Disc 2/12. Daddy's Moonshine Still.mp38.0MB

Disc 1/26. My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy.mp37.0MB

Disc 4/14. Think About Love.mp37.0MB

Disc 4/19. Rockin' Years.mp37.0MB

Disc 3/15. Applejack.mp37.0MB

Disc 4/10. Tennessee Homesick Blues.mp37.0MB

Disc 4/01. Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle to You.mp37.0MB

Disc 2/23. Lost Forever in Your Kiss.mp37.0MB

Disc 3/23. You're The Only One.mp37.0MB

Disc 2/18. Here I Am.mp37.0MB

Disc 4/03. But You Know I Love You.mp37.0MB

Disc 1/24. Evening Shade.mp37.0MB

Disc 3/16. It's All Wrong, But It's All Right.mp37.0MB

Disc 3/24. Sweet Summer Lovin'.mp37.0MB

Disc 4/13. Don't Call it Love.mp37.0MB

Disc 3/10. The Seeker.mp37.0MB

Disc 4/05. Heartbreak Express.mp37.0MB

Disc 3/11. We Used to.mp37.0MB

Disc 4/20. Eagle When She Flies.mp37.0MB

Disc 1/25. Gypsy, Joe And Me.mp37.0MB

Disc 2/03. Everything is Beautiful (In Its Own Way.mp37.0MB

Disc 2/10. Mule Skinner Blues (Blue Yodel No. 8).mp37.0MB

Disc 2/24. My Tennessee Mountain Home.mp37.0MB

Disc 3/21. I Really Got The Feeling.mp37.0MB

Disc 3/18. Two Doors Down.mp37.0MB

Disc 2/15. Coat of Many Colors.mp37.0MB

Disc 1/18. Just Because I'm A Woman.mp37.0MB

Disc 2/11. Joshua.mp37.0MB

Disc 2/07. Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man.mp37.0MB

Disc 2/08. Comin' For to Carry Me Home.mp37.0MB

Disc 2/13. The Last One to Touch Me.mp37.0MB

Disc 2/04. Daddy Come And Get Me.mp36.0MB

Disc 3/03. I Will Always Love You.mp36.0MB

Disc 3/17. Here You Come Again.mp36.0MB

Disc 2/25. Eugene Oregon.mp36.0MB

Disc 2/09. The Golden Streets of Glory.mp36.0MB

Disc 4/17. Time For Me to Fly.mp36.0MB

Disc 3/08. On My Mind Again.mp36.0MB

Disc 2/06. Tomorrow is Forever.mp36.0MB

Disc 1/23. Daddy.mp36.0MB

Disc 3/04. Please Don't Stop Loving Me.mp36.0MB

Disc 1/21. Jeannie's Afraid of The Dark.mp36.0MB

Disc 3/02. Early Morning Breeze.mp36.0MB

Disc 1/22. In The Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad).mp36.0MB

Disc 4/02. 9 to 5.mp36.0MB

Disc 2/26. What Will Baby Be.mp36.0MB

Disc 3/06. Sacred Memories.mp36.0MB

Disc 3/07. The Bargain Store.mp36.0MB

Disc 3/01. Jolene.mp36.0MB

Disc 2/21. Touch Your Woman.mp36.0MB

Disc 2/16. Traveling Man.mp36.0MB

Disc 3/09. Kentucky Gambler.mp36.0MB

Disc 3/22. Baby I'm Burnin'.mp36.0MB

Disc 3/19. Me And Little Andy.mp36.0MB

Disc 1/14. I'm Not Worth The Tears.mp35.0MB

Disc 1/15. The Last Thing on My Mind.mp35.0MB

Disc 1/17. The Bridge.mp35.0MB

Disc 4/15. Why'd You Come in Here Lookin' Like That.mp35.0MB

Disc 1/10. Put it Off Until Tomorrow.mp35.0MB

Disc 2/20. Will He Be Waiting.mp35.0MB

Disc 1/16. False Eyelashes.mp35.0MB

Disc 1/08. Don't Drop Out.mp35.0MB

Disc 2/01. Just The Way I Am.mp35.0MB

Disc 1/19. Holdin' on to Nothin'.mp35.0MB

Disc 1/11. Dumb Blonde.mp35.0MB

Disc 1/13. I Couldn't Wait Forever.mp35.0MB

Disc 3/12. All I Can Do.mp35.0MB

Disc 2/05. Just Someone That I Used to Know.mp35.0MB

Disc 3/05. Love is Like a Butterfly.mp35.0MB

Disc 2/19. God's Coloring Book.mp35.0MB

Disc 2/22. Together Always.mp35.0MB

Disc 1/04. It's Sure Gonna Hurt.mp35.0MB

Disc 2/17. My Blue Tears.mp35.0MB

Disc 2/14. Better Move it on Home.mp35.0MB

Disc 1/05. The Love You Gave.mp35.0MB

Disc 1/02. Girl Left Alone.mp34.0MB

Disc 1/12. Something Fishy.mp34.0MB

Disc 1/07. Busy Signal.mp34.0MB

Disc 1/06. Nobody But You.mp34.0MB

Disc 1/09. I've Known You All My Life.mp34.0MB

Disc 1/20. 20 We'll Get Ahead Someday.mp34.0MB

Disc 1/03. Gonna Hurry (As Slow As I Can).mp34.0MB

Disc 1/01. Puppy Love.mp33.0MB

Cover/Dolly - back.jpg411.0KB

Cover/Dolly - cd2.jpg161.0KB

Cover/Dolly - cd1.jpg161.0KB

Cover/Dolly - cd4.jpg159.0KB

Cover/Dolly - front.jpg148.0KB

Cover/Dolly - cd3.jpg147.0KB


Cover/Dolly Parton - Dolly [Box Set] (2009).nfo9.0KB

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